iPhone Alters Future Designs of Smartphones

Many feel that iPhone has revolutionized the entire mobile industry. But did it really alter the entire smartphone market? Judging from the hype I have to say yes.

Good thing ABI Research has a new …

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AT&T Unveils a New Experience Store

AT&T has opened AT&T Experience Store in Atlanta, the first store to demonstrate the benefits of housing AT&T's product suite under one roof.

AT&T is quickly learning from Apple …


Levi’s Has a New Mobile Phone

Riding on the convergence of fashion and technology, Levi's has partnered with ModeLabs to develop its own mobile phone. This denim manufacturer is not a new to this fashion + technology trend. In…


Want Free Nokia N76? Join Now!

I'm seeing a rise in the power of I (not I for iPod but I for individuality) with the new Design Your Own Nokia N76 contest. Nokia invites everyone to flaunt their creativity and create a trendset…


Multi Media Handbag from Bubble Gear

The line between technology and fashion continues to blur and the spate of convergence, started by LG's new Prada phone, has inspired other designers to join the fray. talk2myshirt, home base of w…

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Another Pretty, Unobtainable Handset

Akhibara News has posted some pictures of a new handset from Pantech specifically for the Korean mobile operator Sky. The UM-I170 looks incredibly swish, and despite being a flip phone (a style I'…

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Cool Mobiles

Business Week are getting interested in pretty mobiles as well, with a recent feature on The Coolest Mobiles in the World.Most of the world won't get the chance to buy these handsets. Japan's …

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World’s Most Expensive Handset

I saw this first posted over on Mobile Mentalism, and I'm still not sure what to make of it. The GoldVish Limited Edition, pictured left, is the world's most expensive mobile handset, with a p…

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Levi’s Next into the Fashion Phone Biz

Not getting enough fashion-phone action? Well, if you like it acid-washed with a button fly, Levis's has something for you. The company is contracting with Modelabs of France to make Levi's br…

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Handset Modding Booming in UK, Elsewhere

Personalization and modification are two trends sweeping many segments of consumer products. These trends have driven the explosive growth of the iPod economy, for example, which some have called a $7…

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