Multitasking, Scrabble, and Discount Printing

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I love Scrabble. You know the game. What words can I make with a Q, an A, two T's, a b, and two r's? No U, though… Ah yes, qat – a leaf with a mild narcotic in it, grown and consumed in the Middle East. Never had any, but it's nice to know the word…

Scrabble helps me think. And the amazing thing about the Web, as it has developed into the interactive sort of human relations tool it has now become, is that I can play Scrabble with people I'll never meet. I may be working on a proposal for a client, proof reading something for marketing, trying to find a new place to get discount printing (after 12 years, my old vendor closed), and trying to remember to leave on time for a lunch date with my wife. But when my brain gets too knotted up I can take five minutes and play a word in my online Scrabble game.

One more layer in a day full of multitasking? No; I think it's more like a moment to unwind, or a distraction that lets the dust in my brain settle so I can see my tasks more clearly…

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