Get Your Text Messages Organized with Outlook SMS By Mediaburst

Mobile marketing is an intelligent means of getting your business messages across to a vast number of people. Day to day, ordinary people are checking their text messages and tapping away at their mob…


Read Up On The Latest Wireless Technologies

Wireless technologies are constantly developing every day. It is an amazing topic to learn about even if you are not in the sector. There are many online websites that offer up to date news on wireles…

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Replace Your Uncool Phone Regularly with Sim Only Deals

Are you a mobile phone addict who loves to switch to the latest mobile phone all the time? Mobile phones are highly linked to fashion. They can express who you are, and you can keep up with the latest…


The Historic Development of Mobile Phones

The technological innovations that led to mobile phones were first developed in the late 1940s and 1950s. Unfortunately, FCC regulations were too restrictive at the time, which hampered the marketabil…


Multitasking, Scrabble, and Discount Printing

I love Scrabble. You know the game. What words can I make with a Q, an A, two T's, a b, and two r's? No U, though… Ah yes, qat – a leaf with a mild narcotic in it, grown and consumed in t…


AT&T Launches Mobile Backup Application

In response to frustration of many mobile users about losing, replacing, or damaging their cell phones, AT&T has launched AT&T Mobile Backup to automatically back up the contact information in…


Cameraphones Surging in US

According to cellular News, research firm M:Metrics reports that cameraphone penetration has reached 50% of all mobiles in the US. Figures now put the number of cameraphones in the hands of users at 1…


Secret Dirty Pretty Things Gig Tickets by Bluetooth

In support of their recently release debut album Waterloo to Anywhere, English band Dirty Pretty Things gave away tickets to a secret gig in London via Bluetooth.An audience of 200 people, which inclu…

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Reality TV Only for Mobile

Endemol, responsible for big brother, are launching a new mobile-only reality TV series in the UK.Get Close To… , which begins on Friday, is a daily show starring and filmed by the pop group Sugabab…

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Microsoft Piles on Mobile DTV

Microsoft has joined the already heavy-hitting lineup getting behind the DVB-H standard for mobile digital television by announcing it is joining the Mobile DTV Alliance. Other participants include In…

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