Netgear Skype Phone Coming

Netgear Skype Phone Coming

netgear is now accepting pre-orders for its forthcoming SPH101 Wi-Fi phone. Listed at $299, Amazon is selling the sleek device for $249, with deliveries after June 30 when the device is released. Pre-orders get 30 days' free Skype Voicemail and 30 minutes free SkypeOut time to call landlines worldwide.

The device runs on 802.11g but is backward compatible to 802.11b. It can handle WEP as well and seems to have a pretty nice interface. I may be grabbing me one of these so I can lay on the hotel bed and watch Eurosport while calling home from the road instead of feeling like I am working the drive-thru at McDonald's with my irritating headset.

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7 Responses to “Netgear Skype Phone Coming”

  1. Jill Says:

    This is true, I purchased my first ever Netgear skype phone at Ligo Electronics for £159.99. Here’s where I bought it:

  2. Emma Says:

    The NetGear is nice, but I wouldn’t be without my Blackberry. :)

  3. Alexis Says:

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  4. Alexis Says:

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  5. I Love Says:

    Man this is a beauty, I got one of these last week, and it rocks.

  6. Mark Says:

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