VoIP in the healthcare sector – prescription drug order & Communication with the patients

VoIP technology is becoming quite popular in the healthcare sector. A number of hospitals have been adopting this technology as it has number of benefits associated with it such as reduction of costs …


Fring Adds J2ME, Nokia Internet Tablets

Fring keeps on adding more handsets so you can IM and make VoIP calls from not only mobile phone handsets, but from the Nokia N810 as well! This screenshot was taken from the N810.

The J2ME client …


RingFree Enables VoIP Calling From Apple iPhone Without A Jailbreak

RingFree is a newly launched "application" for the iPhone that enables SIP-based calling from your iPhone. You can call people using your SIP-based IP PBX or other SIP-based provider. You ca…

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Packet8 MobileTalk an International Calling Card Made Easy

Packet8 MobileTalk is another mobile application claiming it can reduce international phone bills and maintain high International voice quality at the same time.

What makes it different from calling…


Yes, It is Possible to Call via SMS!

Yeah, I know the title is quite confusing but it is what it is – a new technology enabling mobile users to make VoIP calls just by sending a simple text message.

Raketu, leading edge peer-to-peer In…


Skype Mobile Phone Now Available

For someone who is very addicted to Skype to maintain my long distance relationship with my wife in Toronto (for 3 years now), you can't imagine how delighted I am with the launch of Skype mobile …


UK Operators Choking VoIP on Nokia N95 Superphone

Right on schedule, Britain's mobile operators are yanking the VoIP capabilities out of the new Nokia N95, according to several sites. Despite being one of the top-selling phone straight out of the…

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Pure VoIP Not Ready for Mass Market

A new study of Forrester Research shows that pure VoIP remains very complicated to grab sizeable share in the mass market. To date, only tech savvy customers are hooked on VoIP.

To be competitive, V…


Zennstrom Rains on Mobile Skype

Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, has dashed mobile afficianados' hopes for Skype on a handset running something other than Windows Mobile in the near future, notably on the symbian platform. Ze…

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Netgear Skype Phone Coming

netgear is now accepting pre-orders for its forthcoming SPH101 Wi-Fi phone. Listed at $299, Amazon is selling the sleek device for $249, with deliveries after June 30 when the device is released. Pre-…

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