New iPhone App Identifies Songs from Radio

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If you are just like me who is a desperate singer but can't even guess the right title of the songs playing on radio, you will find the new iPhone app called Listen a really brilliant idea.

Powered by audio recognition technology, this will tell you the title of song playing on the radio including the name of the artist and album, all in less than 10 seconds! I bet most of us experience that particular moment when you are dying to know the title of the song but there's no one to help you out.

Now, all you have to do is buy an iPhone first, of course, and download/install Listen. Just put it near the car speaker for 5 seconds, the app will contact the id server and -voila! – you will see the info on your handset. In case nothing happens in 30 seconds, restart the program. However, this is still in the "very" beta stage so expect some glitches and constant fine-tuning.

Thanks to Erica Sadun for this really wonderful iPhone app. Too bad, it's not compatible with Symbian or Windows Mobile OS.

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  1. Mobiltelefon Says:

    I like this, its cool

  2. Raza Says:

    The application is looking very cool, i will surely try it.

  3. Johann Says:

    bra information!

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