No Shock Verizon Wireless Chose LiMo Over Android

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Today I was catching up and listening to Alec Saunders' Squawk Box podcast when a bombshell was let loose-something that makes the news that Verizon Wireless chose LiMo over Google's Android make total selse: LiMo is arguably not open source. Skip ahead to about the 21:30 minute mark on the 16 May 2008 Squawk Box podcast. The major points:

  • The only thing open about LiMo is that it runs on Linux and that the APIs are relatively open, but the APIs only allow very limited functionality.
  • A fee of $400,000 a year is required to be able to contribute source code to the project.
  • You can only use commercially-friendly Open-Source licenses in your code.

Sounds a bit like what people thought about Verizon Wireless: they say they want to be open, but really, they're not going to open up. This surprise any one?

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3 Responses to “No Shock Verizon Wireless Chose LiMo Over Android”

  1. Jim A Says:

    VW never intended to Open Anything, even the new C Block of 700Mhz they won recently. They will outmaneuver the FCC (legally)on this and effectively make sure there new LTE Network remains a walled garden with select vendors products allowed in.
    They will also bid on and win the re-auctioned D Block of Public Safety Spectrum-becuase they do not want any more competition in the Upper Band 700Mhz spectrum.
    They had to pick LIMO because it assured them of more control of what is allowed on their net, to allow them to further differentiate their network from AT&T planned LTE network (which does not have to be Open per the FCC)and make sure Google did not totally dominate this new Customer Access Device (CAD)Space. Google is their big concern, becuase it has the deep pockets and needs to make sure all these new Broadband Wireless Networks are Open to both the Customer Access Devices (CAD’s) and Applications.
    If you want to see where this is all going just watch what Google does with the FCC in releasing the White Space Spectrum as an unlicensed spectrum-big heart ache for both AT&T and VW.


  2. PhoneBoy Says:

    @jim Yeah I assume VZW will tie up the “open access” provisions for as long as possible in courts. Typical telco mentality.

    Large swaths of unlicensed spectrum scare the crap out of the big guys. There is a misconception that managed spectrum is needed for effective use. I believe that there are technological solutions to this problem that will allow concurrent access across the spectrum–if not now, in the near future.

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