Nokia E61 as iPod Replacement

Nokia E61 as iPod Replacement

Anders has an interesting post about using a Nokai E61 as a replacement for his broken ipod nano.

My iPod Nano recently bit the dust and went on to wherever gadgets go to rest when they brake down and die. Instead of buying a new 2 Gig iPod Nano for $199 I decided to pick up a 2 Gig Mini SD card for about $60 for my Nokia E61. Not only do I save some money but I also reduce the clutter in my bag by elminating the need for one extra device.

The post illustrates how new devices are allowing people to retain access to the iPod paradigm (and iTunes, with it's auto-sync facility and multiple format support), whilst not actually using an Apple device.

The example given uses SyncTunes, a Mac-only application, and audio playback support on the E61 only goes as far as MP3/AAC/MPEG4 files, however for anyone who uses an iPod and iTunes but doesn't actually buy music from the iTunes store, this won't be much of an issue.

Thanks to Ewan at SMS Text News.

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