Play Online Games On Your Smartphone

Todays mobile phone companies all compete with each other to offer various features that are improving all the time. With the arrival of the iPhone, applications have become one of the major ways in …


Marble Maze game – using orientation sensor; Nokia N95 & N82

Just looking at the Youtube video of this game is cool. The Marble Maze game uses the orientation sensor and is quite a gas if you think about it.

With fat fingers like mine I am glad to see a gam…

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Oh my…

Vote for us! We're pretty!

Well… perhaps the pretty part is stretching it a bit, but the big news is that we've been given the nod as one of the top 20 wireless industry blogs by FierceWire…

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In Summer…

In summer, the computer games industry typically shuts down, with very few (if any) new releases slated for the holiday period. During this time, news about games can become somewhat sparse, and sites…

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Carnival of the Mobilists 32

I know Scott's only just posted about #31, and now #32's popped up, back home at Mobhappy.It's my pleasure to bring you the 32nd installment of the Carnival of Mobilists, returning like a …

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Nokia E61 as iPod Replacement

Anders has an interesting post about using a Nokai E61 as a replacement for his broken ipod nano.My iPod Nano recently bit the dust and went on to wherever gadgets go to rest when they brake down and …

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Carnival of the Mobilists Gets Permanent Home

Darla Mack has word that the Carnival of the Mobilists has found a more permanent home at http://www.mobili.st/. This doesn't mean the Carnival itself won't be moving between sites, just that …

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25th Carnival of the Mobilists at GoldenSwamp

The 25th Carnival of the Mobilists is being hosted this week by GoldenSwamp. The latest effort includes posts on WAP sites, Mobile Marketing, mobile software and the wider mobile market itself.

Head …

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Ferrari Championship on Vodafone

Mobile developer and publisher IN-FUSIO has announced the launch of Ferrari Championship in an exclusive deal with Vodafone. Launching in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy on 55 Java handsets, …

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