Seen that? – Sprint US Wireless User Survey

Sprint US Wireless User Survey at The Mobile Technology Weblog

Seen that? - Sprint US Wireless User Survey

Sprint released its new survey of wireless users in the US today and there are a few interesting datapoints, though it is largely a marketing exercise.Sprint's key message is that mobiles are changing, and user behavior is already recognizing that handsets can be used for more than just going "buh-leep" in the middle of the detergent aisle at Target. Key messages in the data are that handsets could be a [...] Read More

Verizon Wireless and Sprint Now Charging $0.20 Per SMS at The Mobile Technology Weblog

One of the things that really irritates me about the U.S. carriers is that they charge both for inbound and outbound SMS! I can understand on phone calls, since we have these things called "free local calls" on our landlines, but on SMS! For the longest time, the rate for an SMS message was $0.10 per message. Then one carrier decided to up the cost to $0.15, and they all [...] Read More

$99 Palm Centro on all the Major Networks at The Mobile Technology Weblog

The new Centro can send and receive email messages and attachments and browse the Web and even cooler is that this unit can be used as a laptop modem for subscribers to Verizon's BroadbandAccess Connect service plan. The Centro can also access VersaMail 4.0 with built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync while built-in Google Maps application provides directions, performs searches and offers moveable maps, satellite imagery and traffic updates. The unit run's Palm OS [...] Read More

Sprint Loses a Million Subscribers at The Wireless Weblog

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, Chris Schmidt Sprint this week announced its results for the second quarter of 2008, which included the loss of nearly a million customers – while AT&T gained 1.3 million and Verizon got another 1.5 million. "As customers tighten their spending during rough economic times and when nearly nine out of every 10 Americans already own a cellphone, winning customers from a competitor is the only way to [...] Read More

Qwest Exiting Sprint Deal, Switching to Verizon Wireless at The Wireless Weblog

More bad news for Sprint: Qwest is reportedly planning to stop reselling Sprint's wireless services to its customers, and may start offering service through Verizon Wireless instead. "qwest currently offers a branded wireless service through an agreement with Sprint in which it buys wholesale minutes from the carrier and resells them," explain the Wall Street Journal's Dionne Searcey and Amol Sharma. "That arrangement hasn't been profitable for Qwest, which also has been [...] Read More

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