Qwest To Resell Verizon Wireless Service

As I reported elsewhere, qwest is looking to get out of it's MVNO deal with Sprint. Instead, they will be simply reselling Verizon Wireless service. Qwest customers with more than one service will be able to retain combined billing once Verizon Wireless and Qwest get their billing systems talking with one another.

The obvious question that came from this: what's going to happen to the existing Qwest Wireless customers? Their PR folks told me that the Sprint MVNO agreement doesn't expire until February 2009 and existing customers will continue to receive service without any need to take action. Existing customers will be given a choice to change their service to Verizon Wireless, though the exact details of how and when this will occur is still being developed. No customer will be switched to Verizon Wireless without their consent.

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