ShakeSMS a Lazy Way to Read SMS

If you are too lazy to unlock your keypad and read your text messages, you will surely love ShakeSMS – a new mobile application enabling Nokia Nseries users to read SMS just by shaking their mobile phones.

The video shows how it works. Just shake your phone to read the message even if the keypad is locked, read the message, shake it again to return to the main menu and lock the keypad.

Though many users may find this cool, it is virtually useless. The idea behind ShakeSMS is to reduce the number of steps to read text messages. Then again, how hard is it to read a text message?

Just by looking at the video you will see how sensitive it is to slight movements. Even if you're walking this might open your inbox by mistake. Not a good companion if you are always on the go or have an active lifestyle.

via IntoMobile

| January 30th, 2008 | Posted in Mobile Content, Mobile Technologies |

2 Responses to “ShakeSMS a Lazy Way to Read SMS”

  1. Adnan Says:

    I hope this was there in Nokia

  2. cheapairjordan Says:

    yes!it’s ok!

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