Smile Shutter for Sony Ericsson and the Viral Puppies-and-Women Videos

There's a hilarious and creative video series going viral out there on Sony Ericsson's new Smile Shutter software.

The software evidently makes your camera snap a picture when it detects a smile. The video series demonstrates how it works,

The series itself is pathetically funny. Two guys, Andy and Pete, decide to run a test to see what breed of dog gets the most smiles out of women. So they put a collar on their cell phone and strap it to a puppy. then they put pitiful looking Pete out in the park with the dog. You don't know who to take to a shelter, Pete or the dog.

I wondered with some of this this qualified as puppy abuse. I hope PETA doesn't get hold of it. And sometimes the camera sees to have, well, directionality problems. I think the boys got more cleavage shots than smiles from the women.

You can see the viral videos at Puppy Pulling Power. Whatever else you think of it, it's great marketing…

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