Teens on Mobile Phones: It’s Not About Being Cool

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A new survey conducted by OTX and eCrush has shed some light about mobile phone preferences and behavior of the teen market (13-17 years old). It also offers a glimpse about the opportunities waiting for the mobile Internet.

It also cleared the popular misconception that the teenagers want cell phones simply to look "cool" and feel important:

When asked specifically how cell phones made them 'feel', teens again opted for connectivity with friends (71%), connectivity with family (63%) and being responsible (61%), over important (31%), fashionable (30%), or trendy (27%).

But what captured my attention has something to do with key features the teen market really wants. It is surprising to see that mobile web surfing has ranked 3rd already.

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Given that only 30% of teenagers are using mobile Internet today, there is still an inconsistency between the need and actual usage. It means mobile carriers must come up with a better approach to get them "addicted" to this new service.

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4 Responses to “Teens on Mobile Phones: It’s Not About Being Cool”

  1. Jen Carole Says:

    I am not sure if I believe the conclusion. I think kids do want a phone to communicate with their friends and the alternative – not having one – would be horrible to them. But I also believe kids do want the “best, coolest” phone possible and it does enhance their personal brand. It’s just that getting their hands on the best phone is not always possible. We hear about the family struggle with our Lab Members as they implore their parents for an upgrade. For the most part, I would say the kids with the coolest phones either have their own income stream or are very persuasive!

  2. jonathan Says:

    The activities that teens want to do cost money, and phone bills are paid by parents (at least I pay for my son’s). I think this explains the gap in survey results and reality. When these respondents become grown-ups and pay thier own bills (if that ever happens), we will see reality of this generation.

  3. Tara Says:

    I must say that as a teenager myself, I would feel compleatly lost without my cell. It connects me to my friends and family and yes my mom does pay for my bill. But we share a plan. My phone is one of the latest and greatest but still. The reason I got it, was because of the texting stuff. I pay for my texting and when i get a job, I will start paying for my own phone bill.

  4. blythe Says:

    just wondering if this survey has been updated for this year? thanks!

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