The Next Battle: User Experience 2.0

With online giants like Google and Yahoo! aggressively bombarding the mobile market with exciting features and new advertising tools, one lingering question is what would be the future of Web 2.0 and its impact to the mobile industry?

The Next Battle: User Experience 2.0

Anne Baker, Vice President of Marketing in On-Device Portal (ODP) Company, Action Engine, offers a very interesting answer about Web 2.0 and its transition to User Experience 2.0.

Heavy-hitting brands like Apple, Yahoo, TiVo, and Google have all recently expanded their mobile strategies beyond the simple, and somewhat limiting, experiences available through messaging and mobile Web technologies to offer the improved usability and personalization options that downloadable applications and on-device portals can provide.

The focus seems to be transitioning from 'Web 2.0' to 'User Experience 2.0' as these brands prioritize the customer experience and are exploring the best ways to reach their consumers during their busy, on-the-go day.

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  1. CellularPronto Says:

    Google is still lagging behind Yahoo when it comes to mobile web experience. It’s impossible to duplicate the success of web 2.0 onto a mobile platform even if you bring all the web 2.0 features into a mobile device.

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