Tell All About Your New LG Dare?

Tell All About Your New LG Dare?

Do you have an LG Dare? We want to hear all about it. Tell us all about your cool new phone. Do you love it? Is it as good an iPhone? What kinds of features does it have that you just can't live without?

"I just got this phone the other day and i LOVE it! I used to have the very old Mint Chocolate so this was a big step up. At first, it was hard to get used to and figure out how to do stuff but i figured out most of it. It is a lot like the iPhone but much cheaper." ~jillian C.

Join the forum and tell us what you think of your new LG Dare.

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2 Responses to “Tell All About Your New LG Dare?”

  1. Blake-Dare Says:

    The LG-DARE is a great phone!! i learned so much about it at this site called it had alot of information!!

  2. Charles Says:

    It is a great phone. If only it had a different carier. The allmighty Imperial Verizon does not allow anything on your phone they don’t nickle and dime you to the poor house to get.

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