Tell All About Your New LG Dare?

Do you have an LG Dare? We want to hear all about it. Tell us all about your cool new phone. Do you love it? Is it as good an iPhone? What kinds of features does it have that you just can't live w…

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Give Advice and Your Opinion

What are you waiting for! Come join the Mobile Weblog forum and find out what other people are thinking about the latest cell phones and other mobile devices like the Motorola DEXT. You know, you'…


Join the New Mobile Weblog Forum

The Mobile Technology Weblog now has a new feature. You can post questions, comments and answers on the new Mobile Technology forum. There are already a couple questions on the forum for you to post…

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What Do You Think of the LG Dare?

Verizon's answer to the iPhone is the lg dare. Tell us what you think of the LG Dare in the new forum.

If you have one of these cool new phones, have had the chance to try one out, or just have a…

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