The New York Times Brings the Latest News via SMS

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The New York Times, one of the best newspapers in the U.S., has tapped the power of text messaging or SMS to deliver the latest news, columns and features directly to our mobile devices. The service is free of charge but standard carrier rates apply.

Though this development is noticeably late for a newspaper known for covering important technology news, it is still a welcome feature for many of its readers who are always on the go.

Just send a text message using the right keyword (here's the complete list), send to 698698 (NYTNYT) and you will receive the 3 most recent articles about your favorite topics or even columnists.

Though NYT claims the text message keywords will appear in the appropriate sections, I ended up really frustrated looking for those keywords and announcement about this very practical feature. With too much texts and graphics on each layout, they must make it easily recognizable for the readers.

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4 Responses to “The New York Times Brings the Latest News via SMS”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Lets make this easy…You can sign up to these messages without knowing the keyword or text number!
    We have an application you can install on your mobile by typing into your mobile browser.
    It has many preconfigured SMS and RSS services. To get The New York Times just search for it.

  2. jonathan Says:

    The problem with an “application” is that has to work on my phone, I have to download the application to my phone, and I have know about it. Sorry, but that’s a lot of requirements.
    Does your phone support text messaging? Don’t answer that! Of course it does.

  3. Rana Says:

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  4. cheapairjordan Says:

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