The Trouble With Fujitsu Netbooks

The Trouble With Fujitsu Netbooks

Fujitsu is definitely the worst when it comes to netbook battery life and graphics performance, and it does not do well in any other category.

Fujitsu is working to update its look with systems like M2010, but there is simply very little variety. The LifeBook T4410 has multitouch support, but other business notebooks have been working on their designs with new colors and brushed metal cases, which makes the T4410 look dated. Fujitsu came in dead last for design.

The LifeBook T4410's spill-resistant keyboard helps with fast typing, but the touchpad on the MH380 netbook is too small to work with.

Fujitsu's tech support is limited to specific questions. Its FAQs are nearly useless. But speed and accuracy rank high. You won't find Fujitsu at Best Buy. And its prices are high and configuration options are limited in place.

The Touch Launcher app is a time-saving tool. But overall Fujitsu doesn't offer much in this area for consumers or business users. Fujitsu has never been a leader in innovation. And maybe now is the time the company speed things up.

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    Fujitsu is having the bad battery life. I hope the company will do the some improvements in order to have the good battery life.

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    Yeah, same problem here with the battery. I hope action regarding on that matter will be as soon as possible. Thanks! Nice blog.

  5. John Says:

    I was wondering if are compatible with laptops or just phones

  6. Kimberly Belk Says:

    Too bad battery life lets down this otherwise solid netbook. Tsk, Fujitsu.

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