Think your mobile is safe from hackers? Think again

Think your mobile is safe from hackers? Think again

If you are one of the millions of people who own a mobile phone, especially a smartphone or palmtop, you will probably agree that they are a fantastic invention. Used mostly for texting and tweeting than for making an actual phone call, smartphones immediately connect you to your social contacts all over the globe.

Most of today's users have downloaded music, pictures, videos, applications, and Face Book profiles than ever before, and, they have exchanged these cool downloads with all of their friends. Unfortunately, they have probably shared much more than they intended.

When you are busy making cool videos and instantly uploading them it's easy to forget about security. Yet without an anti virus application, you leave yourself open to hackers and malicious programs. The latest technology makes it so convenient to have all of your personal information, and that of your friends and family, all in one place -on your smart phone. Unlisted phone numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, even pictures are all there for the taking.

Enhance your security and enjoy your mobile device at the same time by investing in virus protection. And suggest your friends do the same. After all, you wouldn't leave your front door open, so why leave your phone open?

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