Texting Injured 6 Million Brits in 2007

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Nothing is more embarrassing than having a "walk and text" injury or wounds caused by too much texting or use of mobile phones. According to Daily Star, about six million Brits were injured in 2007 because they were so engrossed with their mobile devices or mobile phones that they became blind to objects around them.

And it gets worse. Injuries range from a simple broken nose to fractured skulls. Conducted by phone directory service 118118 among 1,055 people, the study reveals that one in 10 Brits stumbled into usually harmless objects on the streets such as bollards, lampposts, trash bins and other distractions.

While the simplest solution is to keep your eyes on the road, there are now plans to set up "mobile lanes" or the so-called cycle lane for text addicts. Even 118118 plans to attach pads to lampposts to avoid these hysterically upsetting blunders. What next? Phones with airbags?

Geez, I wonder how many Americans have suffered these "walk and text" injuries last year.

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  1. Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy Says:

    Far less, considering the number of Americans that SMS is much lower than it is in the UK.

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  3. Patricia Adams Says:

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  4. Debra Says:

    Out of all the ways to get injured who would have ever thought that texting would be a reason for so many injuries anywhere in the world.

  5. Julia Says:

    At the first sight this sounds funny, but at the second it’s really shocking. If people don’t have the time to have a stop at a corner or can’t wait until they’re in tram or wherever they’ll have some minutes to type SMS… what does this tell us about our time and society? Nothing good.

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