Truphone Updates Nokia Client, Adds Anywhere Support


As another bay step on their plan towards world domination, Truphone has announced availability of their new 4.0 client for Nokia S60 devices, which allows you to make calls over WiFi or 3G at much less expensive rates. The new twist on this is called Truphone Anywhere, which allows you to use Truphone to make calls even when you're not in WiFi or 3G range.

How does this work? If you happen to be outside of WiFi or 3G range, but still have a GSM signal, you can ask that the call be routed over a PSTN gateway within your country. This gateway, which will be a national call within your country, will connect your call to the international destination at Truphone's "brilliant" rates.

The next step? A GSM SIM frm Truphone. Believe me, it's coming, and if you do a fair amount of international traveling, you'll want it! To hear more about Truphone's plans for world domination, have a listen to Alec Saunders Squawkbox from 27 May.

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