UK Operators Choking VoIP on Nokia N95 Superphone

UK Operators Choking VoIP on Nokia N95 Superphone

Right on schedule, Britain's mobile operators are yanking the VoIP capabilities out of the new Nokia N95, according to several sites. Despite being one of the top-selling phone straight out of the gates, and despite advertising VoIP capabilities via its Wi-Fi connection, Vodafone and Orange have disabled VoIP, saying its confusing to consumers.

The Register carries Vodafone's reasoning, and justifiably skewers the mega-operator. VoIP players like Truphone are pretty annoyed about the move.

I just loaded Fring on my Nokia N93 handset to get the VoIP and it seems to work like a charm – Skype, Google Talk, SIP, all work nicely within my home wi-fi hotspot.

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5 Responses to “UK Operators Choking VoIP on Nokia N95 Superphone”

  1. Martin Dooley Says:

    Networks need to face up to the real world, and that’s the idea of billing for calls, texts and data separate is coming to an end.

    Networks need to move to the Service Provider model.

  2. David Says:

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  3. Alexis Says:

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  5. Alexis Says:

    It sounds as if the mobile operators are just ensuring that they will be receiveing the money from any data transferred via their subsidised handsets. It is all about increasing revenue per user and VOIP ( or the recently removed tracking facility ) are evidence.,

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