Motorola and Verizon Enter Public-Safety Wireless LTE Contract

Motorola and Verizon Enter Public-Safety Wireless  LTE Contract

Motorola has inked a deal with Verizon that will kick-start its next-gen public safety plans. The deal is to use Verizon's Wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in the US for safety applications. This will enable public-safety customers to combine a private broadband network that is designed for mission critical operations with Verizon's commercial network. This is expected to provide a more cost-effective way of deploying public-safety networks nationwide. LTE will enable public-safety customers to add in rich media services like video as well.

So far, Verizon has deployed LTE in 39 US cities, and is actively seeking applications for the technology beyond metro wireless-broadband services for the 4g network. Deals have already been made with rural carriers for LTE deployment in the countryside, and this public-safety deal further expands the applications that Verizon support with its new network.

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