Effective Mobile Marketing Technology Campaign

MillerCoors launched an effective NFL-themed Super Bowl 2011 campaign that combined attractive carton graphics with mobile marketing technology to score more beer sales during the Super Bowl season. C…

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Americans Increasingly Choose Wireless Technology Over Landlines

Americans prefer wireless technology to landlines, confirms a recently released study of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study taking into account National Health Interview Surv…

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Motorola and Verizon Enter Public-Safety Wireless LTE Contract

Motorola has inked a deal with Verizon that will kick-start its next-gen public safety plans. The deal is to use Verizon's Wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in the US for safety applicati…

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Stanford Research Offers Faster Wireless Networking

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new technique that will lead to faster wireless networking. Introduced to mobile networking experts at the MobiCom2010, the new technique doubles th…

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Mount Everest Is Getting 3G Service Very Soon!

Very soon, Mount Everest will no longer be the ultimate haven for those wanting to escape the connected world.

The wireless provider Ncell (owned by TeliaSonera) has successfully launched 3G servic…


GPS System Types such as SatNav and Mobile Phone GPS

GPS stands for global positioning satellite, and this technology is literally revolutionizing the way in which people can navigate themselves. People no longer need to use simple maps and compasses or…


Wireless Technology For Video Streaming Released

Intel has finally released the WiDi technology that will provide for consumers an unlimited source for wireless video streaming. It has become on of the most popular and most in demand products recent…

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Wireless Technology With Qwest Adaptive Broadband

Qwest Communications, which is a company that aims to provide innovative solutions and provide wireless technology products to consumers, has recently released a new wireless service that aims to prov…

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Nielsen Study: Teens Send 3,339 Texts Per Month

According to a study released by Nielsen on Thursday, teens in the United States send 3,339 texts per month.

The most prolific texters – teenage girls – send an average of 4,050 per month, while te…


iPhone 4 is A Huge Hit in China!

The iPhone 4 is selling like hot cakes in China. At Apple's flagship store (located in a high-end shopping and bar area of Beijing called Sanlitun), there has been a frenzy over sales of the iPhon…