Are You a Digitivity Denizen?

Are you experiencing some sort of separation anxiety or panic attacks if don't have your mobile phone with you? Are compulsively tinkering with the different mobile features that most people don't bother to use? Do you feel agitated if you don't send any SMS or text messages in an hour? In short, you can't exist without a cellphone.

You might be one of the Digitivity Denizens. A term coined by advertising agency JWT, these are the people who see their cell phones as an extension of themselves, whose online and offline lives are co-mingled and who would chose a Wi-Fi connection over TV any day.

What's the downside of being a Digitivity Denizen? Well, a number of them give up their friends and even sex just to be connected.

Are You a Digitivity Denizen?

Moreover, those who are really addicted to their mobile phones must have hated going to subway stations since there is no signal there. If you're in New York things will dramatically change in the near future. Autopia mentions that all of New York's subway stations will eventually be wired for mobile phone service, but talking in the trains will not be available since tunnels will not be equipped.

What could be next? Who knows maybe we can all have cellphone signal 300 feet below sea level!

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  1. sandra Says:

    i would definitely consider myself a digitivity denizen – i also consider it highly important to let all of my friends know where i am right now and what i�m up to – and vice versa. amazing tools such as google�s locate or a german service called friendticker are incredibly useful – and highly time-efifcient! esp with friendticker i am able to update my friends on my whereabouts and actions and also search for locations in my area. great tool, great for communication and localozation 24/7 :o )

    check out the iphone app:

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