Cameraphones Surging in US

Cameraphones Surging in US

According to cellular News, research firm M:Metrics reports that cameraphone penetration has reached 50% of all mobiles in the US. Figures now put the number of cameraphones in the hands of users at 106 million in the US, behind Europe in terms of penetration, but not bad. M:Metrics' Mark Donovan says this is good for operators, according to Cellular news.

"While a cameraphone in the pocket of most mobile phone owners may have picked the proverbial pockets of graphics publishers, the penetration of this technology has a positive impact on operator data revenues overall as consumers increasingly purchase photo messaging bundles," Donovan said.

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  1. Martin Dooley Says:

    This is one of those strange things in life… The most technologically advanced country in the world falls behind in many area’s, like the latest mobile (cell) phones and also on Broadband speeds.

  2. closet organizers Says:

    Who doesn’t have a camera phone at this point?closet organizers

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