Carnival of the Mobilists #76

Carnival of the Mobilists #76

The Carnival of the Mobilists #76 is up at Twofones. My personal favorites are posts about Symbian Guru's discussion on GooglePhones and SmallDoses' Why Carriers need to listen to Application Developers.

Ricky Cadden, the Symbian Guru, wants us to know that the GooglePhone is real. How does he know this? Because it's already here. Check out his post for a solid run-down of Google's (and Yahoo's) strategy in the space.

Finally, Kiran Bellubbi at SmallDoses writes about being a big believer in the "constant and total collaboration between application developers and carriers." He may not be filled with love for all of their business practices but carriers are the gatekeepers after all. And besides, with the looming threat of citywide WiFi carriers may end up way more beholden to application developers than they are now.

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