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cellity Communicator, mobile software for any J2ME-enabled handset, allows you to not only send freeSMS using the Cellity service and make cheap calls, but it also gives you the ability to send and receive mobile email directly from your handset! The application will offer to import contacts from your handset so you can use them in the cellity Communicator application for calls or emails, making it easier to use the application right away.

When you first start cellity Communicator, you get to choose your phone's email address at cellity.com-either your mobile number, or anything else you want. You can then forward emails to your mobile phone by setting the forwarding address to yourname@cellity.com.

cellity Communicator is available now at http://www.cellity.com/en/download/download-communicator.html

This post is sponsored by cellity – tune your phone! Becoming a mobile activist need not be expensive with cellity worldCALL, cellity freeSMS, cellity Twitter and cellity groupCALL.

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