cellity Launches freeSMS Application on Facebook


cellity is taking the free SMS functionality from their mobile software and bringing it to Facebook, the second largest social networking site in the world. The application on Facebook has all the same functionality as the freeSMS client that runs on your mobile phone. You can even send and receive messages between the two!

One nice thing about using freeSMS is that text messages aren't limited to 160 characters. This is because the text messages travel over the data networks, meaning you will need to have some kind of data service with your mobile phone to use freeSMS. Using the application from Facebook eliminates that requirement.

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3 Responses to “cellity Launches freeSMS Application on Facebook”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Friends, I was searching on web for free sms application. I came to know that Cellity is closing down … Does anyone knows why they are closing down?

  2. rajeshmodi Says:

    Yes, now there are working with nokia only.. I have installed it on my Samsung mobile.. Don�t know if it will work for me more?

  3. shekharg Says:

    I have tried it but it wont work for me.. I have tried another application Messmo and it much better than this one.

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