First Book Written from Mobile Phone Now Available

First Book Written from Mobile Phone Now Available

For aspiring authors who do not have much time to sit down with their computers and compose the next best-selling novel, you can try using your mobile phone instead. This is what Italian author Robert Bernocco did to finish his 384-page science fiction novel, Compagni di Viaggo or Fellow Travelers in English.

Using the T9 typing system of his Nokia 6630 phone, he started writing while commuting to and from the work. This according to Lulu, a premier marketplace for new digital content on the Internet, is the first book written using a mobile phone.

So the next time you see J.K. Rowling spending too much time on her mobile phone, watch out for she might be writing the final, final Harry Potter Series!

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    Why do they make small phones with tiny numbers. Some people use glasses…

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