Mobile Marketing Targets Shoppers

Mobile marketing is being advocated as a superior way to target ads to customers because it provides real time, interactive customer service to consumers who have already decided that they want to rec…


Verizon LTE pricing: Good or Evil?

As Computerworld says, it depends on your perspective.

The company is being alternatively slammed and praised after it announced the pricing for its LTE data rates this week. Verizon plans to cha…


Is the white iPhone 4 coming or not??

If you do use the Apple Store app, you might have noticed that the white iPhone 4 recently made an appearance in the upgraded version.

However, if you tried reserving a unit, you cannot do so.



Nielsen Study: Teens Send 3,339 Texts Per Month

According to a study released by Nielsen on Thursday, teens in the United States send 3,339 texts per month.

The most prolific texters – teenage girls – send an average of 4,050 per month, while te…


iPhone 4 is A Huge Hit in China!

The iPhone 4 is selling like hot cakes in China. At Apple's flagship store (located in a high-end shopping and bar area of Beijing called Sanlitun), there has been a frenzy over sales of the iPhon…


iPhone 4 So Popular, Apple and AT&T Forced to Stop Taking Orders

By now you've probably already heard that shortly after opening preorder sales of the Apple iPhone 4, both AT&T and Apple's sites went down due to overwhelming traffic but did you know t…


T-Mobile Reports Increase in Customers/ Loss in Profits

Sometimes the wireless industry manages to pull feats that defy logic. Case in point: T-Mobile has reported a decrease in earnings, despite adding 371,000 new customers in the last quarter! To figur…


Free Wireless Internet Close To Becoming Reality

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (Kevin Martin) announced yesterday a delay in the voting on his proposal to auction an unused piece of 25 megahertz wireless spectrum. The winnin…


Mobile Banking Usage Still Below 20%

There are indications that mobile users are starting to warm up on mobile commerce and mobile banking which may eventually make these services. According to research firm Harris Interactive, 16 perce…


Mobile Messaging Abuse On the Rise

As expected, mobile spam, phishing and virus attacks will increase this year. However, the attacks vary from region to region. A new study conducted by messaging security company Cloudmark shows mobi…