Go Go Puzzle Phone!

Go Go Puzzle Phone!

Telephia UK have put out the results of a new survey of mobile gaming habits amongst 3G users in the UK. The survey shows that Puzzle/Strategy games are by far the most popular type of game amongst 3G subscribers, with 61% of 3G subscribers playing such games, with Retro/arcade games coming second with 45% of subscribers playing them.

On top of this, Telephia's survey reveals that more than 70% of mobile game players play their games offline, with less than 3% participating in location-based games. With the exorbitant costs of location based queries in the UK, this extremely low figure is not surprising, as it's not economically viable at present to run an LBS game in the UK.

The figure showing the number of offline players is also not surprising, with the vast majority of mobile games still being solo affairs, with very few mutliplayer or OTA games available for general use.

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