Marble Maze game – using orientation sensor; Nokia N95 & N82

Just looking at the Youtube video of this game is cool. The Marble Maze game uses the orientation sensor and is quite a gas if you think about it.

With fat fingers like mine I am glad to see a game like this where I don't have to fumble with the small keypad on this phone.

The idea of the game is to guide your metal ball through a Labyrinth with holes and not try to fall into a hole.

Here are some of the features of the game include:

  • Use of orientation sensor data of the device to control the game play
  • 40 different fields
  • Create and save your own fields (and share with friends)
  • 3 different balls, with different bounce and friction (metal, rubber and pingpong balls)
  • Saving of record times for each field
  • Tactile feedback, you can feel the ball hit the walls

Watch this video and then if you are amazed as I was, go find more info and a downloadable demo at

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