Nokia Eco Sensor Concept Very Promising

Integrating environmental awareness with mobile technology is the essence of Nokia Eco Sensor Concept. This next generation handset promises to keep us always in touch with our health and environment.

Equipped with a wearable sensor unit with wrist or neck strap made of solar power cells as its power source, it can analyze your health, environment, and local weather conditions simultaneously.

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Specific examples of what you can do with this phone include heart rate monitoring, UV radiation sensor, temperature sensor, and subscription to environmental catastrophe warning and guidance system.

Additionally, this concept phone is optimized for lower energy consumption compared to existing mobile phones today to lessen dependence on non-renewable resources.

It's nice to know the future handsets are not all about music, mobile TV, and mobile Internet. While Flash Factor (look and feel) is the key buying motivator today, this concept phone is an indicator of the consumers' shifting preference towards more meaningful contents.

Via Engadget Mobile

| December 10th, 2007 | Posted in Concepts, Mobile Technologies |

4 Responses to “Nokia Eco Sensor Concept Very Promising”

  1. Raza Says:

    It is indeed a great contribution from nokia to introduce such a reliable and enviornment friendly handset.

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