Mobile Malware Coming At You

Mobile Malware Coming At You

We picked up this bit of info from F-Secure's blog via Slashphone (always on the ball). According to F-Secure analysis, the number of mobile malware sources it is tracking has increased from just a handful in 2004 to over 200 as of this month. This figure has doubled in the past six months. The guys at F-Secure point out that many of these devious applications are variations on the same virus, and that techniques honed in the PC world (social engineering for example) are making their way into a mobile environment. They predict the next target will be mobile payment systems. Where's the love, man?

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  1. GoodLi Says:

    Apr. 21, 2005—Significant opportunities exist today in the U.S. to develop a strong market for RFID-enabled payment systems using mobile phones, according to a report by the Smart Card Alliance.Cathy Medich, chair of the alliance’s Terminal and eTransaction Infrastructure Task Force, which authored the report, says that while the members of the task force are optimistic about the market opportunities, building a robust market for contactless payments using mobile phones will require strong collaboration among the stakeholders: financial institutions, mobile phone carriers and manufacturers and retailers.

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