Mobile Music Still Driven by Sideloading

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Downloading via mobile phones is still at infancy. According to M:METRICS, 83 percent of mobile music consumed in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States are sideloaded or transferred from another source such as computers or directly from other phones.

Still, only 10% of subscribers are listening music via mobile phones. The graph (click "View image") attached below show that U.S. is a laggard in this category, in terms of percentage.

Mobile music is quickly catching on, and the fact that consumers are sharing music demonstrates its potential as a social, viral phenomenon centered on mobile handsets," said Jen Wu, analyst, M:Metrics. "The proliferation of musicphones is causing a shift in digital music toward the mobile platform, which opens numerous opportunities for music-related content, services, hardware and accessories built to accommodate or enhance these mobile music activities.

Although U.S. is behind, it is to date the fastest growing market for its music phone penetration grew by 64% from 23.2 million in 2006 to 63.8 million in 2007.

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5 Responses to “Mobile Music Still Driven by Sideloading”

  1. Sagem Phones Says:

    It’s the interface and slow loading that put me off downloading via the mobile…and the fee’s are huge!

  2. Raza Says:

    I think that its the bandwidth that results in lost of data or file that is downloading from another source or service provider.

  3. cyanide Says:

    Wow 83% .. sideloading is definitely growing too, but while faster than off the air downloads the hardware being used for sideloading is still slow. Handset manufacturers will need to step it up. Here are some benchmarks someone did on sideloading across over a dozen phones

  4. Adnan Says:

    Over the Air OTA Transfers should be more encouraged.

  5. cheapairjordan Says:

    I think it must be step up!

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