Mobile Phones as Anti-Terrorist Weapon

Mobile Phones as Anti-Terrorist Weapon

In the near future, saving the world might entirely and randomly fall in our hands! According to Home News Tribune, the Homeland Security Department is eyeing mobile devices to help detect nuclear/radiological isotopes, biological and toxic chemicals threats, consequently neutralizing terrorist attack.

This is an apparent appreciation of mobile industry's ever-increasing role in the society. However, the big drawback lies on the growing concern over privacy, fearing that the government can track all people quickly.

The Homeland Security Department says the program, called Cell-All, might work this way: Detectors would be placed in cell phones, most of which are already linked to a Global Positioning System. If a detector recorded a hit, the GPS would transmit the location and time to local emergency responders and Homeland Security's operations center.

As for me, I support the idea. I mean the mobile industry has been offering hundreds, if not thousands, of features that are either useless or trivial. Now, there is an opportunity to prevent bloodshed and contribute meaningfully to the society by simply opening our mobile devices! I do hope the general public will keep an open mind and support this development

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    Everyone who wants the federal government to use GIS technology to track your whereabouts raise your hands!!

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