UK companies lose £1 million a day on misuse/abuse of company mobile phones

UK companies lose �£1 million a day on misuse/abuse of company mobile phones

A new research from telecom expense management specialist, Aurora Kendrick James, reveals that about �£400 million are spent annually by UK workers talking to friends and family using company mobile phones. This represents about �£1 million per day or 20 to 25 per cent of all calls made on company mobile phones!

I bet this is a universal phenomenon given the lack of appropriate metrics and the tedious process of identifying personal from official business calls. I don't think it is possible, at this time, to put an end on this trend.

According to Jeremy Green, Principle Analyst at Ovum, the UK's 3 million plus corporate mobile phones attract an annual bill of some �£1.7 billion – and that puts the cost of personal calls at between �£340 million and �£425 million.

"Education and visibility of costs to users are pivotal in successful mobile expense management. By having a company policy in place and introducing employees to it, staff can be made accountable for their costs against sensible guidelines," Matt Atkinson explains. "Implementing a mobile expense management policy will control and reduce personal usage but will also help with VAT compliance, validating invoices, tariff negotiation, management and inventory reporting; all of which will mean a more cost effective and controlled mobile estate."

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2 Responses to “UK companies lose £1 million a day on misuse/abuse of company mobile phones”

  1. Sameer Says:

    This is pretty common, and not even thought of as ‘stealing’ – possibly now this post might trigger that train of thought!
    How about similar statistics for the amount of work related calls that happen from personal phones, on personal time (beyond 9-5) and using other personal resources (laptops, broadband connections) ?
    In this day where lines have blurred and work is more about getting done than going to or being at, comments about these small pennies sound very jarring.

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