Watch Out! US Mobile Phones are About to Get MORE Dirty

mobile porn

Heads up porn addicts! You will love this! For parents out there, this is pretty disturbing…

Apparently, the leading US phone companies are desperate enough to go floppy over mobile pornography. Once hard-core supporters of stringent mobile services, they are now looking for new avenues to generate profits. In short, back to the good old marketing tactic – sex sells.

According to Reuters, most phone companies have loosened their leash on their networks to allow the entry of free porn contents or adult entertainment services.

I guess this is inevitable given the convergence of mobile technology and Internet. Even now, many online porn companies are reaping ridiculous amount of money for these lewd services. Now, the gate is open and it will be a matter of days or months before we see mobile users salivating over some dirty images or videos.

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