Mobile Phones Can Clog Traffic Flow

Mobile Phones Can Clog Traffic Flow

Not only mobile phones cause accidents on the road, it will also test your patience. According to a new research by the University of Utah, motorists talking on mobile phones drive more slowly so they tend to complete their trips longer. To make matters worse, they also affect the travel time of other people on the road.

Results of this research will further strengthen the argument to ban mobile devices while driving. Here are the key findings posted at Science Daily:

  • In medium and high density traffic, drivers talking on cell phones were 21 percent and 19 percent, respectively, less likely to change lanes (roughly six lane changes per 9.2-mile drive versus seven or eight lane changes by drivers not on cell phones).
  • In low, medium and high traffic density, cell phone users spent 31 percent, 16 percent and 12 percent, respectively, more time following within 200 feet of a slow lead vehicle than undistracted drivers. That meant they spent 25 to 50 more seconds following another vehicle during the 9.2-mile drive.

These numbers may appear trivial but if many motorists are moving at these rates then a reduced traffic flow is inevitable. Besides the travel delays, using cellphones while driving do have some social and costs implications in terms of increased in air pollution and excess fuel consumption, respectively.

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    Not only mobile phones cause accidents on the road, it will also test your patience.good

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