Mobile TV and Video: A $12.7B Industry in 2011

Mobile TV and Video: A $12.7B Industry in 2011

A new study from eMarketer titled "Mobile TV and Video: Big Dreams for the Smallest Screen" projects the global market of mobile TV and Video to reach $12.7 B in 2011. However, several questions on service and quality remain the biggest barriers for this fast rising industry.

Given the heavy market spending to promote mobile TV/Video and recent announcement of MobiTV that they already have 2 million subscribers, I was surprised to know that only 3% of US mobile phone users avail these services.

Two key drivers of the market are 3G and smartphones, both of which are necessary for mobile video and TV. So any attempt to size up the potential Mobile TV/video market is largely a function of 3G penetration forecasts. eMarketer predicts that by 2011 there will be 120 million 3G subscribers who pay a premium for mobile video clips or streams. There will be 80 million mobile TV subscribers worldwide by 2011.

Via MoCoNews and eMarketer

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