Remind Me Adds Alert Tones to Your Mobile Phone

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If the standard alert tones in your mobile phone are not enough to let you know of any incoming call or text message, you may want to try this simple mobile app called Remind Me.

Compatible with S60 3rd edition mobile phones, it basically reminds you about missed calls, voicemails, unread text messages and MMS by nagging you with incessant alert tones, light alerts or vibration just to grab your attention.

You also have the power to customize the alert tone fit to your needs. Just like a regular alarm clock, you can set the time you should be alerted as well as the time interval to repeat the alert. Volume control is also adjustable to make sure it would not interrupt you during business meetings or reflection time.

Remind Me is available for 10 Euros but there is a 10-day free trial. Then again, you can save that money just by checking your mobile phone every 10 minutes, right?

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  1. MacDon Says:

    I’ve used it for a long time

  2. Quorra Says:

    I’m also using it from year.

  3. vhxn Says:

    These alerts had been used for quiet a long time.

  4. Yemek Oyunları Says:

    I’ve used it for a long time

  5. yemek oyunlar? Says:

    thans len corc page. Are any variations in the works that I can DL a cube so I don’t have to go to open up my browser, but just click the cube on my desktop widget. Just a though! Site

  6. Manjeet Says:


  7. cheapairjordan Says:

    I never use it!

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