Sprint to Receive New Motorola Windows Business Phone

Sprint to Receive New Motorola Windows Business Phone

Sprint has confirmed that it will launch the Motorola ES400, a new Windows Mobile 6.5 device, for business customers in September.

The handset maker said the ES400 will be a rugged design, and will feature such goodies as a large 3.0-inch touch screen display that's almost twice as bright as other devices. Finally the unit will be designed to work on both GSM and CDMA networks.

While Motorola typically uses Google's Android operating system for its consumer smartphones, it has decided to stick with Microsoft Windows Mobile for devices aimed at corporate users (like this one).

Microsoft, which has been losing market share to Google and Apple of late, said it is planning to upgrade its Windows Mobile 6.5 software for businesses use. The company will also be launching a new version of its mobile software (Windows Mobile 7) later this year.

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  2. Cell Phones Directory Says:

    It seems awesome that Motorola is launching very soon its new smartphone especially for it business users. In this remarkable handset they are using Windows Mobile 6.5 software that is outstanding feature. This handset will shake the market in near future.

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    The New Motorola Windows Business Phone is very nice but I need glasses to write a text message. Maybe the phone is popular when you are young and not depending on glasses. The phone has nice design.

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