Here Comes The Windows Phone 7

Here Comes The Windows Phone 7

Tomorrow (October 11), Microsoft is introducing its new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform in an all-day press event in New York City.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega will grace the morning keynote while the remainder of the day will be spent with an open house to try out new Windows Phone 7 devices.

GigaOm has the following important specs that we all need to know about the Windows Phone 7:

1) A metro user interface that utilizes touch-friendly tiles and hubs that expand to make excellent use of a smartphone's limited display.

2) Makers of the hardware are LG, Samsung, Dell, Asus and HTC. For tomorrow's launch, it's not yet clear if all of these manufacturers will have their phones ready.

3) Windows Phone 7 is integrated with both Microsoft's Xbox Live and Zune services. So that users will be able to view, share and modify their Xbox Live avatar, achievements and profile.

4) User will be browse the web on Windows Phone 7 with a modified Internet Explorer.

5) In the United States, Windows Phone 7 will be initially carried by AT&T and T-Mobile.

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