Nielsen Study: Teens Send 3,339 Texts Per Month

Nielsen Study: Teens Send 3,339 Texts Per Month

According to a study released by Nielsen on Thursday, teens in the United States send 3,339 texts per month.

The most prolific texters – teenage girls – send an average of 4,050 per month, while teenage boys ages 13 to 17 send 2,539 texts during the same time period. On the other hand, the age group of 18 to 24 sends a 'comparatively meager' 3 texts per hour or 1,630 per month.

Nielsen based the above conclusions to their analysis of cell phone bills of 60,000 mobile subscribers coupled with a survey of 3,000 teens.

Moreover, texting is the number one reason why teens get mobiles one and as a result, they look for mobile phone models with a QWERTY keyboard.

And I thought Philippines is the texting capital of the world??

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