AT&T Unveils a New Experience Store

AT&T has opened AT&T Experience Store in Atlanta, the first store to demonstrate the benefits of housing AT&T's product suite under one roof.

AT&T is quickly learning from Apple retail experience. It definitely did its marketing assignment by redesigning its once wireless-centric retail stores to a new place filled with home entertainment, video games, music, and of course, cutting edge wireless phones.

"From the moment customers enter to the moment they leave, they will be able to experience AT&T's full suite of services for the first time. The move is part of a key initiative in the company's ongoing commitment to integrate its wireline and wireless operations and give consumers greater convenience and a streamlined approach to the way they purchase and interact with our products," said David Scobey, president and CEO, AT&T Southeast in a press release.

| August 2nd, 2007 | Posted in Design, Mobile Technologies |

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