iPhone Alters Future Designs of Smartphones

iPhone Alters Future Designs of Smartphones

Many feel that iPhone has revolutionized the entire mobile industry. But did it really alter the entire smartphone market? Judging from the hype I have to say yes.

Good thing ABI Research has a new study about the smartphone market. When asked about the impact of iPhone in the future of smartphone, wireless research director Stuart Carlaw answered a categorical yes.

"The iPhone will not revolutionize the smartphone market. But it is a significant evolutionary step forward. As was pointed out once its specifications were made public, the iPhone is not cutting-edge telecommunications. Where it is radical – in its user-interface and functionality – it will certainly change forever the way handset manufacturers think about their design philosophies. And from the commercial point of view, it is significant in the way it assembles its offerings in a completely integrated, brand-heavy package," says Carlaw in a press release.

It means that this is just the beginning of a new war on interface and iPhone may not have the last laugh. The first mover advantage in the mobile industry might not be that advantageous at all.

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  1. at&t cell phones Says:

    I agree, especially in the consumer market. While in the business/enterprise market, Blackberry is still the dominant player. There has been some design changes on Blackberry (getting slimmer) recently, but they weren’t as revolutionary as the iphone.

  2. Richard Says:

    I don’t know if I’d say the iPhone has revolutionised the smartphone industry…. its lack of 3G support is a little bit of a concern. I think it’s definately a step in the right direction, though…. the touchscreen interface certainly rocks. I think the next incarnation will be the real eye-opener too.

  3. Richard Says:

    Oh, and Ballmer’s take on the iPhone was complete bollocks too. And I can’t really remember the last time Microsoft “revolutionised” anything, except for revolutionising the way corporate entities annoy their customers.

    Nice site btw, I run a mobile phone news page at http://www.takezero.net

  4. Charlie Rockwave Says:

    “iPhone is not cutting-edge telecommunications…”

    Is that bad? Should it be cutting-edge for cutting-edge’s sake? What is iPhone lacking?

    “Where it is radical – in its user-interface and functionality…”

    Looks like my mom could use it. Now that is ground breaking.

    Here in Japan, where we have the best handsets on planet Earth, the iPhone has blown away everyone I know in mobile tech. It has sent engineers back to the drawing boards, that is for sure!

    “The first mover advantage…”

    I suspect that Apple is not finished innovating. They surely have a product roadmap with a few more zingers in store.

    Charlie Rockwave

  5. Lori Says:

    Revolutionize – that’s the word. True, they will do that. Alter the entire market? Perhaps. I’m more skeptical, believing that not everyone wants to pay $600 for a phone. :)

    Nice piece!

  6. JC Says:

    THe researcher is incorrect when he states the iPhone is not ‘revolutionary’, then contradicts himself a bit by saying how far the iPhone takes the UI and usability to the next level.
    I would argue that the iPhone is indeed revolutionary in its UI/Usability/Wicked coolness. Nothing out htere compares, and the leaps this device takes revolts against the status quo of smartphones of the past (phones made by everyone else). I have used > 100 mobile devices, and nothing else compares.
    I dont need to list the features that separate the iPhone from all other devices. Go play with one for 10 minutes and then tell me it doesnt make you smile ear to ear in a way no other hand held has.

  7. Tanbir Says:

    Looking at the US market from Asia can only make me agree with your post. Many of the features available on the iPhone have been actively available in Asian countries for some time. I suspect that a bigger impact on mobility in the US will be felt when the operators mature further and remove all the obstacles such as walled gardens that they place in the way of users really trying utilise their mobile devices.

  8. cellphonedeals Says:

    Look at the HTC Touch and new Linux powered Treo, they have similar interface. I guess iphone did not set the trend, instead, it’s riding on it faster than anyone else.

  9. Vic Weber Says:

    I have used the iPhone now in the past month and all I can say: it rocks. It’s setting the new standard for mobile devices. The user experience is unsurpassed. Webbrowsing, email, photo viewing, all of that is so much better than other phones.

  10. James Says:

    I don’t see what all the hype is about with the i-phone. It is less impressive than windows based smartphones I’ve been using for years. I have the Ipaq 6945 and have been amazed by its overall quality. How can the Iphone compete with a large keyboard, Built in GPS receiver, Windows, 2 SD slots, etc…

  11. Nokia N95 Says:

    I feel that the Nokia N95 has already paved the way for telephone technologu. The iphone was beaten prelaunch by the old master- Nokia.

  12. GoodFellow Says:

    Apple iPhone has revolutionized not only a mobile industry, but a video industry as well. You can read more about it here: http://any-review.com/dvd/Iphone_Will_Change_Movie_And_TV.html

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The iPhone hasn’t revolutionized a single damn thing. Name me ONE thing the iPhone did that other smartphones haven’t already been doing that is NOT a gimmick.

    You can’t. Because the iPhone is nothing new. Nothing a smartphone enthusiast to get excited about. Just added motion sensing and a flashy interface. Oh teh_revolutionary. Never mind the fact iPhone STILL has no MMS support and all the touted features have been done for years before the iPhone even existed.

    No, all the iPhone is is overhyped. That’s pretty much it.

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