Converged Mobile Devices Still Not “In” for Business People

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Contrary to what many geeks believe, the adoption of converged mobile devices like smartphones and the Motorola DEXT remains very low. According to a study by In-Stat among US business people, users are still loyal to old technology. Here are some free insights from this expensive report:

  • One positive sign of progress in convergence is that 8% of road warriors, businesspeople who travel frequently, have given up a desk phone to rely solely on their mobile number.
  • Before employers can insist that employees use fewer devices, manufacturers need to address battery life and ergonomics issues for portable devices.
  • The survey shows that many more users prefer to carry redundant devices than chose to have a single telephone number and a single computing device.

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5 Responses to “Converged Mobile Devices Still Not “In” for Business People”

  1. Jim Says:

    Sony Ericsson lunched XPERIA X1 with widgets

  2. Bill Says:

    You would think that since smart phones are designed for business people that they would be a necessary tool. But I agree the battery life issue does need to be addressed. My treo is not so bad, but my iphone just sucks the battery dry.

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  4. luke Says:

    that is true…even i have noticed that a lot of people prefer to continue using the same phone instead of upgrading it to a better one…one reason could be that mobile operators are not doing enough to spread the word about their new product…coz there is definitely alot of potential in the market…i mean iPhone has literally become a phenomena…so i feel if the mobile convergent marketing is stagnant then that is coz of lack of info…
    for instance i recently stumbled upon this new service of two lines on one phone…which is apparently also available on iphones and blackberry…literally two numbers on just one phone…check it out
    i got it myself a few weeks back…and it is working out great for me…no more juggling between phones!!

  5. cheapairjordan Says:

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