Lots of iPhone Concepts

Lots of iPhone Concepts

There's a deep desire amongst some people for Apple to apply the Magic dust they sprinkled on the iPod to a mobile phone – any mobile phone. Whilst there have been some not-quite-successful attempts to marry the ipod music function with mobile phones, nothing has yet been forthcoming from Apple.

Which of course hasn't stopped people interested in the idea from creating their own photoshopped mockups. So many have been created over time that someone called Okan Vardarova decided to set up a blog purely dedicated to displaying these user concepts.

Via Mobile Mentalism.

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  1. Pola Says:

    Very good idea, it is necessary to realize it.

  2. Taras Says:

    Yes to me also to like.., good idea

  3. Jon Says:

    As to like me it…

  4. broadband price comparison Says:

    Okan Vardarova. Age: 21; Gender: Male; Astrological Sign: Aries; Zodiac Year: Ox; Location: İstanbul : Turkey.

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